DG1001 Club

Our newest basic trainer and also a very capable advanced trainer and cross country glider.


Our basic trainer. The Puchacz is a fine trainer that caters for the complete training syllabus. It is also capable of impressive cross country flights by suitable qualified pilots.

Duo Discus

A high performance two seater. We use it for advanced training, cross country flights and competitions.


The first single seater that you will fly.
A joy to fly!

Discus 2b

Our advanced single seater. This glider is also available for use in competitions.


Our latest addition to the fleet PW5.

Pawnee tug

The Piper Pawnee was originally designed as an agricultural aircraft but its short takeoff and powerful climb make it an ideal glider tug.

Main hangar and workshop

Our main hangar and workshop

Club house, bunkhouse complex

The club house and bunkhouse complex provides a pleasant place to congregate before, during and after flying and for social events.

Inside the club house

The main area of the club house is very flexible. It can be set up for training, daily briefing and social activities.

The kitchen area in the club house

Plenty of space for members to prepare meals either individually or as part of an event.