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A great way to experience the thrill of gliding is to take an introductory discovery flight at the HVGC.

The HVGC offers introductory discovery flights under the control of fully qualified instructors.

The details of all of our introductory offers are below.

From time to time we also run courses that are intended to start your formal training to become a glider pilot.


Air Experience Flights and Introductory Packages

Standard Flight

Approximately 20 minutes, depending on conditions

Extended Flight

Approximately 30 minutes, depending on conditions

3 Flight Package

3 flights on the same day, depending on conditions. You will start learning to fly.

10 Flight Package

10 flights within a 3 month period. Includes 3 months membership of the GFA and the club and a log book. Not enough to go solo without prior experience but you should be well on the way!

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