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Gliding in Australia is administered by Gliding Australia (GA) which holds delegations from the appropriate government authorities. To handle the controlls of a glider in flight you must be a member of GA and of a club that is affiliated with GA. (Hunter Valley Gliding Club is an affiliated club).

Note:- Gliding Australia was previously known as Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA). Both names are in use.

Club charges effective from

1 July 2023

Club and GA membership

Membership of the club is charged annually from July to June with a pro rata payment when joining. Membership of GFA is also charged annually but is charged from the date of joining. The club and GFA both offer 3 month membership on a once only basis.

Full (annual)
Young adult
3 month
  • New members wishing to learn to fly may start with a 3-month membership if desired or full membership. (3 month membership is available once only for Australian residents).

  • "Young adult" for GFA membership means a full-time school or university student under 26 years old. ("Full-time" means at least 20 hours per week of formal classes). The club however offers "Young adult" membership to all who are less than 26 years old.

  • Introductory membership is also available for those wishing to try gliding. This lasts for 30 days and is arranged and charged through the club. It is included in the price of the Air Experience Flight offers.

Glider hire

The charge for a flight in a glider has two components. One is the charge for the aerotow launch. The other is the charge for the flight time of the glider. Club gliders are hired at a rate per hour (charged by the minute) capped at 4 hours of each flight. Bulk flying is available to members for an annual charge equal to 15 hours at the Discus 2B glider rate after which flights are charged at 25% of the rate for the glider being flown for unlimited hours within the current financial year, also capped at 4 hours per flight. Alternatively to Bulk flying, there is also a discount for full paying members based on the hours accumulated in club gliders in the preceding 12 months. Private gliders are not cross-hired.

Launches are by aerotow only. Minimum charge $41.20 up to 1000ft, then an additional $1.90/100ft to 4,000 ft. Above 4000ft Flarm time at $524/hr ($8.73/minute).

Training gliders (DG1001, Puchacz)
Basic solo gliders (Junior, PW5)
Discus 2B
Duo Discus

Other charges

Annual Hangarage - Linear Hangar
$1,902 (members only)
Annual hangarage - main and old hangars
$786 (members only)
Casual hangarage
Powered aircraft fee
$270/year (members only and in addition to hangar fee if in hangar)
Caravan site
$208.00 (members only)
$22.50 per night casual visitor camping
Bunkhouse accommodation
$32/night if not a club member
$16/night to maximum $215/year for club members
Free on weeknights for club members
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