Imagine harnessing the power of nature to soar high across the countryside at speeds of over 250kph in an engine-less aircraft.


Try your hand at gliding and you will discover the possibilities of this truly amazing adventure sport.

Gliding uses the same naturally occurring currents of air that birds use to fly, you too can take to the skies and enjoy this exhilarating experience, no matter what your age, physical ability or background.


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COVID-19: We are back in operation for members and visitors but you will be required to accept a temperature check and follow safe COVID practices. Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of the disease or have visited a COVID hot spot in the last 14 days. In that case of course you should self isolate and follow NSW Department of Health guidance.
Visiting pilots: Please click here to see operational details and requirements at our airfield.
Airfield notes: A nearby mine has advised that they are conducting frequent drone operations not above 500' AGL.
Operations will be south and west of the airfield but not between the airfield and the Golden Highway.
Also, a new 330,000 kV power line is being installed near the western end just south of the runway.
Tower tops are around 150' above runway level.
Pilots please note: Aerial Seed and Fertiliser Program:
Tue 8 Jun to Thu 17 June. Aerial seed and fertiliser operations by Hunter Valley Operations mine mostly north and west of the gliding club. Arriving aircraft should announce on 126.7Mhz.
Pilots please note: Mine blasting schedule:
Tue 15 Jun at 2:30pm. Blast approximately 1100 metres south-west of the western end of the runway.
Fri 18 Jun at 1:00pm. Blast approximately 1000 metres south-west of the western end of the runway.

Flying Start Training Course

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InformationOperational implications:
Pilots should remain at least 1000 metres clear of the blast area when a blast is imminent. Note that this may affect approaches to 10, departures from 28 and overflying in either direction but any restrictions are likely to be of short duration. (See Communications)

Communications: (mine callsign Blast Control)
  • The mine will maintain a listening watch on the CTAF from at least 10 minutes before a scheduled blast until the all clear is given.
  • The mine will transmit a warning 5 minutes and 1 minute before the blast.
  • The mine will transmit a notification when the area has been declared safe after the blast has been completed or the blast has been delayed.
  • The mine will respond to any aircraft that calls in the area and may have missed previous warnings.

The coal mine located to the southwest of Hunter Valley Gliding Club (south of the Golden Highway) is operated by Glencore - United Wambo OC Operations Pty Ltd. For further information on blasting, pilots can call the Environment & Community Manager on 0429 306 208. The mine maintains this information.

(Blasting may be delayed if conditions are not suitable).

Hunter Valley Gliding Club address is

115 Comleroi Road, Warkworth, NSW.

GPS: 32° 32.951' S  151° 1.448' E

         (32.54918° S  151.0241°E) 


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Sun 20 Jun

Normal club operations

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